As we reflect back on our study of the life of Joseph, we see how God saw us before anyone or anything caused any brokenness in our lives. (Bo Ayers)

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God’s Love Is _____.


Using Joseph as a picture of how God loves us, we will see three very specific truths about the love of God.

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The Search For Certainty (Bo Ayers)


In a world filled with uncertainty, is certainty possible? is it possible that there is something to hold onto in the midst of change, hurt, and chaos? We will answer these questions and more by looking at Genesis 46 in this week's teaching! 

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Joseph, in Genesis 45, was presented with an opportunity to either hold onto hurt or to forgive and seek restoration. From Joseph's example we will answer the question, "Is it possible to forgive and seek restoration with those that have caused hurt in our lives?

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A Sovereign God Doesn’t Forget


Darren DePaul, the Executive Pastor of Citylights, will be teaching from Genesis 40-41. 

God loves us and will never forget us. 
We know this because of His sovereignty and control over our lives.
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Character Making


Genesis 39 - Often times the most hurtful things prove to be the most helpful things in the making of your masterpiece. [Chris Armfield]

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The Sovereignty Of God


This week, from Genesis 37 we see how God provided everything that Joseph needed for him to live in the plan and calling on his life. Has God done the same for us, today? [Bo Ayers]

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Who Is Jesus?


In this week's teaching, we look back through the book of Mark to discover 3 things about Jesus and then ask ourselves what that knowledge means for us. [Bo Ayers]

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A Compelling Perspective


Have you ever underestimated something because you didn't see the whole picture? In Mark 14:3-9 we will catch a glimpse of a woman's ENCOUNTER with Jesus and how this perspective compelled her to see Jesus as Lord. [Tucker King]

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Right Where You Are


While Jesus was on the earth He clearly demonstrated a willingness to love everyone right where they were - physically, emotionally, and mentally. And He is willing to love us in the same way, today. [Bo Ayers]

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