The Sovereignty Of God


This week, from Genesis 37 we see how God provided everything that Joseph needed for him to live in the plan and calling on his life. Has God done the same for us, today? [Bo Ayers]

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Who Is Jesus?


In this week's teaching, we look back through the book of Mark to discover 3 things about Jesus and then ask ourselves what that knowledge means for us. [Bo Ayers]

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A Compelling Perspective


Have you ever underestimated something because you didn't see the whole picture? In Mark 14:3-9 we will catch a glimpse of a woman's ENCOUNTER with Jesus and how this perspective compelled her to see Jesus as Lord. [Tucker King]

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Right Where You Are


While Jesus was on the earth He clearly demonstrated a willingness to love everyone right where they were - physically, emotionally, and mentally. And He is willing to love us in the same way, today. [Bo Ayers]

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Forsaking & Following


Mark 10:17-27 A rich young ruler ENCOUNTERS Jesus and His call to forsake everything and follow Him. What will it look like for us to respond to the same invitation, today? [Bo Ayers]

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Mercy Reigns


The children in Mark 10 had nothing to offer Jesus yet Jesus had everything to offer them, beginning with His mercy. This mercy is available to you and I today and that's exactly what we will talk about in this weeks teaching from Mark 10:13-16. [Bo Ayers]

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A Transfigured Life


Jesus' transfiguration revealed his inner glory. When we behold Him we are changed from glory to glory as well. [Chris Armfield]

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How To Walk On Water


Mark 6:45-52 Jesus modeled a rhythm of resting in the midst of doing ministry. Rest preceded faithfulness. [Chris Armfield]

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Loved people, love people


Isn't it interesting that when Jesus chose to feed the 5,000 he used his disciples to distribute the provisions for those in the crowd. In the same way, God chooses to distribute his love to those around us through you and me. [Bo Ayers]

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The Love Of God


In this week's teaching, we had the opportunity to watch and learn from two very different people that both needed the love of God to meet them right where they were. From this, we are able to see God's willingness to meet us, today, wherever we are and in whatever we are going through. [Bo Ayers]

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