“Room at the Table”


Luke 14:12-24 || Mike Thomas 

God wants His house full. Around His table are many chairs, and he wants every one of them full. 
 How does He fill them?
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“Humility Leads to Exaltation”


Luke 14:7-11 || Darren DePaul

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More Than Words - (Luke 7-36-50) Mike Thomas


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Does Jesus Know You?


Luke 6:46-49

There are many people under false assurances about themselves and their faith. This parable clears up all the confusion. 
Please join in and listen as we launch our new series More Than Words this week! (Chris Armfield)
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Seeing What God Sees


In this week's teaching, through looking at several passages of Scripture, we take time to pause and reflect on what God sees when He looks at us. (Bo Ayers)

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Free for What? (Living in Wholeness)


2 Corinthians 3:16-18

What do you want from God? What have you been set free from? Do you know what "freedom" is all about in scripture? (Chris Armfield)
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Wholeness is Available


How did Jesus feel about Peter after he denied Him? How does God feel about us after we sin? We'll answer this and more from John 21:1-19 as we continue our conversation called MIRRORS. (Bo Ayers)

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Brokenness is Real


What part does our past play in our present? Is it possible to move past our pasts? We will answer all this and more from the life of Peter in this week's teaching.

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As we reflect back on our study of the life of Joseph, we see how God saw us before anyone or anything caused any brokenness in our lives. (Bo Ayers)

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God’s Love Is _____.


Using Joseph as a picture of how God loves us, we will see three very specific truths about the love of God.

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